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 Custom baja Forum Site Rules

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Forum Owner / Super Admin

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PostSubject: Custom baja Forum Site Rules   Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:48 am

Custom baja Forum Site Rules

Please keep foul or abusive language to a minimum - If you feel that your day is not going well don’t start swearing at our members a load times it just show ‘s your lack of intelligence, go elsewhere. I or my admins will delete any posts and possibly your account banned.
No personal member/ admin attacks, a polite and patient is all I ask on the forum- we were noobs to this at the start, so please be civil to other very new members in this forum . Also remember that people have lives outside the forum and if you post asking a question it might take a while to get answer..!
* Any member showing behavior that is viewed counterproductive to promoting a friendly community on the custom baja forum may result in a:-
(1) Temporary BAN if until you calm down and be respectful (then your will be let back to post on a trial basis
(2) Permanent I.P.. ban* if your posting continues to be counterproductive! ( you have be warned )
* I.P banning from the site is very quick and easy to do and will never be welcomed back ever
This will include also being publicly ‘baited’ or ‘antagonizing’ other users on the forum.
ANY personal attacks will not be allowed in the public forums or on private messages and your membership or guest account WILL be banned as soon as I have proof and have spoken to the person/person’s involved..!
Custom Baja Forum Welcomes every one with open arms of all colors, ethnicities and backgrounds.
If you decide to join in posting ANY racially or derogatory comments, images, videos, or audio - you will be:-
(1) Banned for a total of 4 weeks ( 1 Month from the date of offence ),
(2) The second time it happens it will result your account being permanently I.P banned from the site and will never be welcomed back.

No adult male / female references the shows the human body in a derogatory forms in other words:-
(1)Porn or other adult material of any nature
Is NOT welcome ON Custom Baja Forum*
* The internet is awash adult material, The hobby of R/C Cars & Custom Baja Forum does not need that kind of material.

(2) Phone numbers
(3) Passwords
(4) Personal identification number
(5) Any other information considered to you and your life, make sure you seek the express permission of the individual you’re wishing to post about.
All the time you are logged in to the Custom Baja Forum You must respect the privacy of other members/admins at all times

* Very short posts LIKE ( lol ) or (  ) will be deleted as they don’t add to the current discussion at hand.
* Double posts. ( always go back to your post to check that this has not happened)
* Posts that only add to a members post counts. ( admins will delete )
* Any other posts that we look inappropriate for other readers ( porn ) ect
* Posts that contain just similes or large amounts of gif’s will also be deleted too !
No open subjects :-
Don’t post a thread with the subject, “err help ! ”, we know you need help that’s why you have come to the Custom Baja Forum, a post like “ can’t start my engine “ or ”how do you fit this exhaust “ is better
Keep threads in the forums sections they should be in which you are posting :-
DON’T ! Put ….” The best engine to get on sand “ in the wheels and tires section ! ( myself or my admins will move or delete any threads like this.

DON’T GO quoting or posting the content of Custom Baja Forum anywhere other than on this site if your found doing it you could get temporary to permanent ban of up to two weeks or more ! .

Do not post in ALL CAPS… - if you use ALL CAPS makes it hard to read and also It is also commonly know on the internet as “ YELLING ” a quite normal post of a kind nature will look rude !

NO cross posting of topics - Do not post the same thing in more than one location

If English isn’t your native language ( we still welcome you ) but please say so. Otherwise its very annoying and hard to read odd txt like “ OH THt Well cooo1 ! “ This also goes for txt speak too ..please don’t !

Do NOT post whore - Posting threads with only a three or four letter post is wasteful in many ways.

Do NOT create private threads on the forum for example:- Hi mate what’s your top score on that x=box game again ?, I use Private Messages for that kind of stuff you have a inbox use it !
NO advertising links - There is to be no posting of commercial activity at all on Custom Baja Forum. This includes but not limited to posting banners, contests, sales, or request to have people visit your web site
If you have a business or web site that you would like to promote then please contact me for advertising costs and how it all done.
That means that anyone selling production items on the forum will be an advertiser. There will be no "Test the Water" posts allowed.
Vendor Posts - The general discussion forums are for members to share information, not by advertisers trying to sell product. Use the custom parts forum area. Members who show excessive promotional activity of anybody will be not be tolerated.
Vendor Questions - If you have a specific question about a Vendor's item, use their forum section. It will get answered much quicker.
No Warez / torrents site links help This includes linking to illegally obtained software, movies & music files - posting about it, and suggesting to get it. This includes informing people how to circumvent the banner ads or Google ads.
also any:-
* Violent or repulsive content
* Hateful or abusive content
* Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
* Sexual and/or pornographic content
* Harmful and dangerous acts
* Copyright infringement
* Spam
* Phishing and/ or malware website
* Credit card fraud
Custom Baja Forum Signatures:-
* No more than four lines an no more than one sig per members ( or 4 sigs , one per line )
* Banner /Images - Banners are to be no larger than 468×80 and you may have one line of text as well. Contributors and advertisers will only have signatures showing there site and / or link to their site
* Signatures larger than the above will be suspended without notice.
Attaching Images - If you post an image into the forum please makes sure it is no larger then 640×480 in size. Anything larger causes it to destroy the layout of the site and reading the thread very hard..
Avatars and User Titles - Keep them about baja’s please. Keep all avatars / sig’s/ banners and other images non porn and related to baja’s and customs stuff to do with them as possible.
Custom baja forum - The use of the name Custom BajaForum is limited to this site only.
Any un-authorized use will be dealt with court action and in the worse case a fine to the person using the name/s. This may include Banishment, Censorship, or up to and including more severe penalties as below.
Content – Custom Baja Forum reserves the right to edit, reprint, distribute, or delete any posting for any reason and without prior notification or explanation to the author/poster. Multiple forum user accounts by the same person are forbidden and you WILL be banned !. Should you ever wish to change your username, please contact one of the Admin’s or the forum owner.

Reporting Posts - If you feel a post is out of the ordinary, please use the "Report Post" button. You can find a red triangle above the member's location. This will notify the moderators by e-mail for quick resolution
Clones – Custom baja forum does not benefit from clone manufacturers. Please no mass posting !
Agreement - By posting to the Custom BajaForum, you agree to abide by the above rules and terms.
Neither this website nor the Custom Baja forum provided is affiliated with, or endorsed, by Hobby Products International, Inc. (HPI). Further, this website is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the owners of any the trademarks, service marks or trade names referred to by this website or within the forum unless specifically and expressly indicated. Any trademarks, service marks or trade names referred to on this website or in the forum remain the full property of their respective owners. The opinions expressed in the forum reflect solely the opinion(s) of the participants, visitors and members and may not reflect the opinion(s) of the website owner.
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Custom baja Forum Site Rules
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